MyGroundBiz is a FedEx-linked online gateway that customers can connect to view merchant news and data, as well as their billing or billing for a particular organization.


The input shows the individual the results based on the work of their clients.

Online registration allows you to join FedEx to complete specific tasks instead of working with FedEx all day. MyGroundBiz has been introduced to new and existing clients to prepare them to send foundations abroad for a small fee.


MyGroundBiz – Services

FedEx Express

FedEx Express created express shipping and continues to lead the way for the company as a whole, bringing fast, strong and positive movements to more than 220 countries and territories over time, connecting markets that represent more than 99% of global GDP.

FedEx Ground

FedEx Ground offers negligible overhead through its FedEx Home Delivery® service, daytime support anywhere from work in the United States and Canada, and personal transportation to 100% American life plans.

FedEx SmartPost, a FedEx Ground organization, plays a pragmatic role in partnering and moving large volumes of business to less vulnerable customer groups over time.

FedEx Cargo

FedEx Freight is a primarily North American provider of empty truck loading benefits through general partnerships and direct facilities. In the United States, FedEx Freight Priority Association prioritizes when speed is critical to meeting the needs of a customer’s warehouse system.

FedEx Freight Economy, when a customer can trade time for risky assets; and FedEx Freight Direct help solve the problems associated with creating online commercial signs to move heavy items and shredders to or through the doors of homes and clubs. Additionally, FedEx Freight provides freight transportation services to most concentrations in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

FedEx Company

Business, miscellaneous and disposals, and certain legal records and limits are added to the company’s basic inventory costs for bona fide authorities, similar to certain other costs and depreciation that are not credited to our company.

These costs are not distributed among the different business areas. FedEx Office is also affiliated with corporations and others, allowing chronic, commercial, and retail businesses to access our group carriers; and FedEx Logistics, which facilitates agent card storage, automotive transportation, business development between lines and e-commerce transportation agreements, general ocean freight, and bonds, and shipments through carriers.