MyGroundBiz is FedEx’s online portal that helps registered users get the latest updates and company information. This online portal offers many additional services to registered users. Please note that you must log into your account to use this portal.


After registering with the official MyGroundBiz account, customers can order online conveniently and safely. In addition, thanks to this portal, the user can send any type of gift to their friends, family, or relatives. This portal has made life easier for all users.

MyGroundBiz has burned its midnight oil to make the online portal extremely easy to use and largely secure. If you are having difficulty accessing the MyGroundBiz login portal, you can contact GroundBiz customer service during business hours. The customer management team of this portal is at your disposal at all times.


MyGroundBiz – FAQ

What options are available for the MyGroundBiz account?

After logging into their MyGroundBiz account, customers can, for example, access data such as news and quotes, vehicle deals, dealer relationships, examples of how to overcome adversity and challenges, organization-specific data. and so on in the MyGroundBiiz account.

How can I register with MyGroundBiz?

Access is only available to FedEx and Linehaul Pickup and Delivery (R&D) administrators. To register and create your MyGroundBiz account, visit www.buildagroundbiz.com.

How do I reset my password to log into MyGroundBiz?

If you lose your MyGroundBiz password please log into your MyGroundBiz account, ideally go to manage password resets for the MyGroundBiz account.

If the MyGroundBiz customer has lost their customer ID or password in some way, there should be no compelling reason at this point to insist that they find an answer to the identified problem with the service, direct the customer, and ask. to FedEx.