MyGroundBiz is one of the most popular online portals where listed users get the latest updates and information, vehicle sales, dealer relationships, success stories, information about your business such as expenses, expense reports, electronic forms, etc. The online portal is specially designed for people connected to Ground Biz FedEx who need a MyGroundBiz account.


Today, in this article, we discuss the vast amount of portal information available on the official website In our article, we describe the steps to use the MyGroundBiz portal and register in a much more humble way.

Here you can see the wealth of details about your new industry. The most popular sections include.


MyGroundBiz – Benefits

After login into the MyGroundBiz login portal, you can enjoy all the benefits. The portal is very useful in our daily life. Here are some benefits that are very helpful and helpful.

  • You can order online at any time.
  • Customers who want to give a gift to their family or friends can easily send it.
  • It is very easy and comfortable to use.
  • You can read local as well as international News every day along with beneficial finance information.
  • Security features as well as the latest available security technologies and security-related documents from FedEx. Here you will also find instructions and safety guidelines on the driver’s condition.
  • The Online and Land Skills Guide is the “bible” of FedEx land and online service providers; it is a general guide for the whole business. Covers topics like FedEx contracts, delivery, pickup, dangerous goods, subscriptions, fees, security, and more.
  • You can check your Vehicle values ​​and guidelines related to new traffic rules.
  • You can easily maintain Relationships with vehicle/maintenance, safety, and clothing suppliers.
  • General contact information, including ISP transition and CSP changes.
  • You can sell your Vehicle.
  • You can connect with sellers to sellers.
  • You get to read a lot about the success stories that inspire you.
  • The information is unique to your business, Invoices, Statements, electronic forms, etc.