About Us

FedEx is one of the most popular and popular shipping companies in the United States. The company guarantees that the online portal is a highly secure portal for user registration. If you have any problems using the MyGroundBiz login portal, you can contact MyGroundBiz customer service at any time.


In this portal, you will find all the details and news about vehicle sales, success stories, supplier links, etc. The portal can only be accessed in online mode. In addition, online registration is mandatory before using the portal services.

MyGroundBiz has provided great service since the first day of its launch. The portal was created solely to provide employee benefits. The benefits can also be enjoyed offline, but the online portal makes it easy to access.


MyGroundBiz employees also benefit greatly from cooperation with First Class Shipping Company. Another advantage of the online portal is access to the latest news and information. By meeting new people who market directly to MyGroundBiz employees, users can also use the service to meet people from all over the world.

The MyGroundBiz ID is the FedEx account number that you can use to log into your GroundBiz or FedEx account to review the shipped item. The My Ground Biz account allows FedEx users to track the items they bring to the FedEx or My Ground Biz-FedEx area through www.mygroundbiz.com/login.

There are two ways to log into the MyGroundBiz account. You can access your MyGroundBiz account through your FedEx inbox or request a new account registration to activate the use of MyGroundBiz.

FedEx Corporate

To the basic inventory costs of the company for authorities in good faith are added activities, miscellaneous and divestments, and certain legal and registry limits, similar to certain miscellaneous costs and depreciation not attributable to our agent company.

These costs are not distributed among the different business areas. FedEx Office is also affiliated with corporations and others, allowing chronic, commercial, and retail businesses to access our group carriers; and FedEx Logistics, which facilitates agent card storage, automotive transportation, business development between lines and e-commerce transportation agreements, general ocean freight, and bonds, and shipments through carriers.